Kurdistan Rising
Iraq Uses Influence to Thwart Kurdish Oil Sales
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  • Andrew Allison

    Really shallow reporting from WSJ. Iran’s production in 2013 was 2.39m barrels (the same as 2008). That was before the Kurds took over the Kirkuk production and ISIS the Mosul/Tikrit fields. The Iraqi government estimates of an increase in production this year are, shall we say, a tad optimistic. Meanwhile, the pipelines to Syria and Turkey are under the control of ISIS and the Kurds respectively. Shouldn’t we be asking how what’s left of Iran can survive the resulting loss of access to markets?

  • wigwag

    The Gaza imbroglio is bad news for the Kurds. As a result of the fighting, a rapprochement between Israel and Turkey has been derailed; the Iraqi Kurds need cooperation (tacit or otherwise) between Israel and Turkey to move their oil.

    And surprise, surprise, the Obama Administration is on the side of the bad guys (the Iraqi Central Government) yet again.

    Same as it ever was.

  • Breif2

    An Arab government is losing on the battlefield and proceeds to use oil blackmail and appeals to “international law”. So what’s new?

  • gabrielsyme

    Holding Iraq together is a fool’s errand, and the West needs to find a plausible leadership structure for Sunni Iraq (I would suggest an enlarged Jordan), line up some borders and tell Iran and Maliki to lump it. The Sunnis in Iraq would happily accept a government that doesn’t discriminate or persecute them, and it would rob ISIS of its necessary oxygen of discontent with Baghdad. One might even turn Kurdish and Jordanian support into leverage to end the Syrian Civil War through a negotiated settlement, complete with territorial transfers.

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