Renewables Retrenchment
Energy Realism Trumps Green Idealism in Spain
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  • ShadrachSmith

    Nice to know 🙂

  • gabrielsyme

    It perpetually astonishes me how counter-productive green policies are. Instead of focussing efforts on research, geo-engineering and proven low-carbon technologies (above all, nuclear power), the environmentalist movement has decided to bet the farm on idiotic policies such as relying on solar and wind, leading to huge increases in power tariffs.

    Even worse has been the biofuel mania which results in more land under cultivation, minimal if any net benefit in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, and increased food prices which cause starvation in the third world (though doubtless this last is seen as a silver lining in some environmentalist circles).

    For a movement that, on its own terms, needs to build public support for an international agreement to halt greenhouse gas production, is incredibly unhelpful. What reasonable observer now places any trust in environmentalist policy suggestions? And, of course, if they weren’t such liars and morons in the political and economic realm which really effects people, perhaps they would find they would fewer doubters of their scientific pronouncements.

  • Duperray

    It is now impossible for any pro-Renewable to still believe they can bcome competitive and their instrinsic unpredictable variability be overcome by lunatic storage progress.
    So, why don’t they change their thinking?
    Only one explanation remains: As they consider that their political future is dead within 5years max (because all their lies become into full light), thence what else does remain? Only substantial money profits from subsidized plants they own. They fear a public revolt against these (alike in Spain) which would support local government’s subsidizing termination.

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