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New York Taxi Commission Attacks Lyft Launch
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  • Boritz

    Thomas Edison had people that combed the streets of NYC for people making movies that, in his opinion, violated his patents associated with cameras. They would dissuade the film-makers from continuing their activity. Some things don’t change.

    • LivingRock

      Thomas Edison was indeed quite the “patent troll” apparently. I like the phrase. Shall we dub taxi and car dealership commissions “market trolls”?

      • Andrew Allison

        Protection racketeers would be close to the mark. The purpose of such commissions is to restrict competition in the chosen trade or profession. Public safety and consumer rights are well-protected by general law and regulation.

    • LarryD

      And the end result of Edisons enforcement was that Hollywood, California became Americas film capital.

      Arguably, Edison was within his rights, but he was foolish. He should have asked for a small royalty, rather than trying to monopolize film-making

  • ShadrachSmith

    Innovation in established markets
    Technology brings innovation.
    Innovation threatens the rent-seekers, and regulators in the established markets.
    Rent-seekers persuade regulators to declare innovation a crime.
    Rent-seekers often do much better than you would expect.

    Reduce the power of regulators, and you largely avoid such problems. This is a time for Uber (shorthand for all such services) to go on the offense and challenge the arbitrary power and incestuious relationships of the current rent-seekers (medallion owners) and their regulators. The regulators will slit Ubers throat if they can, so why not shine light on the regulators self-serving activities.

  • Rick Johnson

    ‘the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission warned . . . that Lyft’s ride-sharing service . . . did not meet its standards for . . . consumer rights’

    In what strange Orwellian world do we live where a government commission can attempt to shut down a service to consumers by claiming to protect ‘consumer rights’.

    The Commission is violating consumer rights by trying shut down Lyft.

    Shut down th e Commission, not Lyft.

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