Asia's Game of Thrones
China Tests the Waters
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    You are too optimistic. Changing policy in this area would require Obama to recognize that, (1) his previous policy was wrong, and (2) his own actions, in Syria, in the Ukraine, and in other places, are part of the problem. Since Obama is The One his policies can’t be wrong and his actions can’t be causing the problem. Therefore there will be no changes as long as Obama is President.

  • gabrielsyme

    A recent FT article details what has been a naive U.S. policy towards China’s maritime territorial aggression: taking China at its word.

    It is a little odd that Obama is so trusting of foreign autocrats (Putin, Erdogan, Maliki, the Chinese) while he barely deigns even to communicate with congressional Republicans. He flatters and trusts external enemies while he conducts an ongoing scorched-earth campaign against his domestic enemies.

    Maybe we need to consider the possibility that, in addition to Obama’s other deficits of character, the man is also an imbecile.

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