Germany’s "Green" Policy Threatens EU Climate Goals
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  • Rick Johnson

    The Greens have no intention of coming to terms with nuclear’s important role as a zero-carbon baseload energy source. They have no interest in baseload energy, other than preventing humanity develop it. Their goal is to send us back to the caves. Stopping humanity using baseload energy is part of the plan.

  • Gary Hemminger

    I would have to somewhat agree with Rick. People who try to reason with the greens will fail because there is no logic to their plans. They “break out in hives at the mere mention of coal” is a quote the prof. once used and it is correct. They simply hate fossil fuels and this hatred is driving their plans. Global warming or climate change or whatever you want to call it is just an excuse. They want to drive de-industrialization and the only way for them to be stopped is either for intelligent people to resist them, for their political arms to be defeated, or for their plans to be put in effect and fail. But one possible outcome is that their plans do get put into effect and fail, but they are too powerful to be stopped and we simply go into a mode where we all see energy poverty. Transfer payments will be made to the poor to pay for high power bills. They are already proposing this.

  • truthsojourner

    I can only cheer that the Germans have finally realized that turning their back on the use of coal would be committing national suicide. And I’m disappointed to hear the editors of TAI stating the reliance on coal is a bad thing, because it would indicate that they’ve bought into the hype of AGW.

  • gabrielsyme

    Another example of leftist ideology believing itself to be above the real world. Sadly similar to the biofuels fiasco, albeit far less damaging.

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