Lives Are at Stake in Keystone Debate
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  • Boritz

    ” Friday’s updated report raised those numbers more than fourfold,
    concluding that rail transport could lead to 2,947 injuries and 434
    deaths over a decade.”

    If true that will lead ultimately to a PR win and maybe an actual leave-it-in-the-ground win for the Greens.

    “…long-term market forces will win out.”

    Not with legislation that sets the market aside which is what legislation does best. No need to be so obvious as outlawing transportation of the oil. Simply use regulation to right-price the effort. Impose fees that reflect the “true price” to people and the environment.

  • Corlyss

    Well, I suppose if you have to rely on tertiary benefits to move this ideological crew off square 1, this will do. If the class this crew represents didn’t detest America and middle class Americans so profoundly, it might approve the pipe for good sound reasons, I.e., jobs and growth and prosperity.

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