SWAT Troubles
As Wars Wind Down, U.S. Police Inherit Military Equipment
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  • It used to be that when people asked where I’d suggest drawing the line on what weapons people should be allowed to own under the “right to keep and bear arms,” I’d reply that people should be allowed to own anything the domestic police own. E.g. not nuclear weapons. That’s still the line we should use, but the line has moved.

  • B-Sabre

    That SWAT teams are swarming barber shops isn’t surprising: When you pump expensive military equipment into a country with declining violent crime, idle police departments are much more likely to use that equipment while responding to smaller crimes.
    When the best tool you have is a hammer, all the problems start to look like nails. A lot of the rationalization for accepting these vehicles by local law enforcement seems to be “It’s free!” I wonder if they’ll keep saying that when they have to foot the bill for all the gas it consumes, when the bill for the first major service interval comes due, or the first time they have to get a 30-ton wrecker out to haul the thing out of a ditch. I predict that in a few years most of these brutes will be on their way to the junkyard.

  • OdinsAcolyte

    Wrong in a so many ways. Shall they force the civilian into R&D for new and better weapons? It looks as though it will have to be.
    We can do it.

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