Rahm Under The Gun
Democratic Urban Revolt Spreading to Chicago?
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  • Corlyss

    Democratic Urban Revolt Spreading to Chicago?

    No. Collectively those people are dumber than a box of hammers. It’s Detroit in the making. Why? Because Dems and their slovenly-minded voters are incapable of learning anything from the consequences of their policies.

    • Andrew Allison

      I submit that they have learned something, namely that they are entitled to other people’s money.

      • Corlyss

        That’s their utopian delusion. They aren’t really. The best they can do is shame and guilt others into supporting a lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. If they get away with it, who’s to blame? The core question in an abusive relationship. It’s a form of co-dependency.

    • MarkJ

      “Collectively those people are dumber than a box of hammers.”

      That’s an insult….to both the box and the hammers, both of which, unlike left wing activists, actually perform useful functions. 😉

      • Corlyss

        Touché. I apologize to hammers and boxes everywhere.

        • Chris Bordeman

          This man has character.

          • Corlyss


  • Andrew Allison

    Surely you mean moving to the far left — or does the adverb only apply to the right?

  • Bruce

    Which major cities is the intern referring to that are “moderate and centrist”? Almost all major cities in this country are extremely left wing because they have intentionally created dependents that are reliable Dem voters. Many of these cities are on the way to becoming Detroit because of blue policies, but they weren’t moderate and centrist. Rahm is despicable, but he did make the honorable “mistake” of talking candidly about pensions.

    • akatsukami

      I believe that the phrase Mead and his staff were afraid to use is “corrupt and cronyist”.

    • George Purcell

      Bloomberg —> DeBlasio

      • Corlyss

        The cities that commit suicide by stupid votes will pay, and pay, and pay. Al Jazeera, which is rapidly becoming my go-to news and documentary station, did a special on mandatory minimum sentences. They featured a Chicago family whose brilliant college-bound 15 yr old daughter was gunned down in a driveby of a play ground where some neighborhood kids hung out. The shooter was a teen making his gang bones who was already out on bail from 3, not one, but 3, count ’em 3, gun charges. What’s wrong with cities like Chicago, and LA, and soon-to-be NYC, is they’re run by corrupt incompetents who can’t do even the most elementary services but whose liberal badges are impeccable. IOW, city administrations are killing people and still getting elected to office. Until citizens see thru the liberal drivel and start looking at results, they are doomed to suffer the consequences of their callowness.

        • EVA-04

          At what point did Al Jazerra then blame all of this on the Jews and Crusaders?

          • Corlyss

            You obviously don’t watch AJ America.

  • Ghosts of Benghazi

    Rahm, baby, we won’t let yours or your buddy Obama’s crises of government go to waste! Your collective failure will propel conservatives forward, nationwide.

    • Corlyss

      I wish. But a) don’t count on it and b) even if it does, it won’t last, as you can see by de Blasio’s election. David Horowitz was absolutely spot on when he told Newt Gingrich that competent Republican administrators are not rewarded with continuedopportunities for governance; they’re rewarded with turfing out to be replaced by utopian incompetents whose capacity for appealing empty babble is endless.

      • Ghosts of Benghazi

        Never say never……

        • Corlyss

          Okay. From you mouth to God’s ear.

      • section9

        Please. If the GOP had any sense of opportunity and Reaganite zeal, they’d be finding ways to communicate with the people in these neighborhoods.

        But that might interfere with someone’s tee time! Can’t have that!

        • Corlyss

          Unfortunately, there has to be a modicum of positive results for courting urbanites with direct pipelines to pols who basically buy their votes. You might think yours is a clever challenge to the imagination of the Republican Party. In reality it’s an invitation to spend valuable campaign funds on a fantom. Republicans will NEVER be able to outspend or outpromise Dems. These populations are not interested in anything Republicans say or offer. They take their votes out of play and could get a lot more for their votes if they were smart enough to use their votes to negotiate. But they are wedded to Dems so even Dems can take them for granted.

  • A Smith

    It will be interesting if Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle runs against Emanuel. Yes, she’s a Machine Democrat, but she shows flashes of independence and, possibly, rationality.

  • Michael Gebert

    You know, the Reader (for which I write) had a piece about Rahm’s low numbers, but as the saying goes, you can’t run against somebody with nobody. Preckwinkle is the only one I can see gathering broad support. The idea that Karen Lewis (teachers’ union head) could win is preposterous, even the most lib of lakefront liberals, if they have kids, are instinctively against the teachers’ unions having any more power. Rahm is in trouble if he has a serious opponent, he’ll coast to a 70% win if he can keep one from appearing. If I was running against him, I’d turn in ten times the signatures and still have an army of lawyers ready to fight being kicked off the ballot. That’s the Chicago way.

    • Corlyss

      “Rahm is in trouble if he has a serious opponent.”
      Doubt that seriously because if there’s one thing that is “the Chicago Way” it’s mastery of the book on destroying opponents and getting empty suits elected. Just look at the trail of dirty tricks that got Obama elected in 2004. I still haven’t recovered from that and I don’t live in Chicago.

  • nadadhimmi

    The Wall Street money is all on Obama. They realize all the money Obama pumps is funnelled directly into their stocks. It will all collapse almost overnight but the big donors will have gotten warning from the Regime and sell all their Obama inflated stock’s sky high and run. The little guys, as usual, are wiped out.

    • Corlyss

      Funny you should mention that. If anyone wonders why there were no prosecutions of individual bankers 2009-2014, one need look no further than the White House. And my! Weren’t the bankers grateful! LOLOL

  • markbuehner

    The top end of the liberal sandwich cant afford the taxes they voted for anymore, and refuse to send their kids to the schools attended by the other half of the sandwich, so they move. Its the Detroit spiral.

  • rouxdsla

    WRM voted for Obama…. I guess that he thought he was a moderate.

  • Wyfaggro

    Moderate and centrist? That ended 50 years ago in most cities and 100 in major cities. What passes for moderate in those places is hard left everywhere else.

  • Misanthrope

    News Flash: PEUs, minorities, and leftists generally have been dictating policy in major US cities for decades. Wake up and smell the coffee, Mead.

  • R.C. Smith

    Let’s frame the question more accurately: will the whites who support this coalition continue to support it as it becomes dominated by corrupt, dysfunctional, retributionist politics? As long as they can move away probably so. That particularly applies to the wealthy and upper middle class members of this coalition. They’re obviously not bothered by the corruption, incompetence and virulent white-hating racism of this coalition, so it’s not a moral question. It all comes down to having their personal ox gored, and even if the left starts imposing crazy programs like the housing schemes being pushed by De Blasio (which I predict will never come off) as I said, they can always move. We’ve all seen the decades-long phenomenon of hypocritical liberals moving to lily white neighborhoods and States (“for the good schools”) and not only retaining their poisonous and destructive beliefs but attempting to foul their new nest with them. So they’ll continue to support these beliefs until the rot hits the national level and they can’t run anymore. Then the question will be irrelevant.

    • Corlyss

      “will the whites who support this coalition continue to support it as it becomes dominated by corrupt, dysfunctional, retributionist politics?”

      Well, of course they will. They’ve been doing it for 100 years and are d*a*m*n proud of the fact. It proves their charitable and generous hearts, their progressive ideas, their modernity, their late 20th century urban bona fides, their intellectualism, their lack of racism and bigotry, their desire to “be on the right side of history,” their subtle receptivity to ideas gaining international favor in enlightened Western nations, their cosmopolitanism, and on and on. Apparently being screwed by redistributionist race-baiting politicians is a badge of honor. For a brief on this subject with a wider application, I suggest Podhoretz’ Why Jews Are Liberal.

  • Curious Mayhem

    I submit that what’s happening is that the competent “centrists” or liberal Republicans who would have run in such places even 10 years ago have figured out that the large cities are hopeless and are just not running. Instead, they’re bugging out, just like the Millennials, who are moving into medium-sized and small cities, which are more affordable and livable. They also have better job growth.

    All of the large cities are experiencing population aging and shrinkage. They had a Silver Age in the 1980s and 90s, a generational recovery aided by the late Boomers, Gen-Xers, and immigrants. Those sources of growth are gone, and they’re headed straight back to the 1970s.

  • Orleans

    Democrats sure know how to ruin a city.

  • dsjj251

    So the only thing people on this thread can do is throw insults ?

    • Andrea

      Vent their frustration.

    • gthog61

      If you are talking about urban centers what else is there to throw?

  • tcp53

    Every single, major city run by Democrats (e.g.- NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Philly, Atlanta, L.A., etc.) is a dangerous place. They have the strictest gun laws in nation and the highest murder rates. They pay their union-controlled teachers the highest salaries in the U.S. and have some of the highest drop-out rates (e.g.- Chicago 50%, Detroit 80% {50% of all adults functionally illiterate} ). The problem is obvious to anyone being intellectually honest…..

  • DickNixon

    ‘Moderate, and centrist policies’ in American cities governed by democrats? What planet are you on?

  • Joel A. Edge

    It’s beginning to look like the old curse. “May you live in interesting times.”

  • Dee Pendable

    Maybe he can go back to work for lame-duck O. I know I certainly wouldn’t hire him in the private sector.

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