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  • ShadrachSmith

    One of the relevant facts about long-haul drivers is that the turnover rate is north of 75%. It is not a job for everybody. Employment agents for truck drivers go all the way back to muleskinners. This is nothing new, or exciting, or important. I wanted to be a long-haul truck driver and you go to a truck driving school which may or may not be associated with a local school district or community college. Then you go to a major trucking company, and you go through a couple of weeks of school with them, then a month or two on the road as an assistant driver, then they turn you lose on your own. After that, if you want to change to one of the thousands of small truck companies, you just register with an agent who matches you to a small company. That process hasn’t changed in a hundred years.

    The reason for the turnover isn’t drugs or alcohol, although that is a significant factor. One-half of America’s entire fleet of drivers is randomly drug tested every year. You are also tested after each and any accident, by law. Modern drivers are cleaner than the clergy. After you learn to back into a dock (the most difficult skill) the only hard part of long-haul driving is keeping the shiny side up and the rubber side down for 100,000 miles a year…you would be amazed at all the stuff you see. I highly recommend it to all young men as a part of their “seasoning” for adulthood.

  • Steve Connors

    That was the part that got me… bumping the dock. I couldn’t do it. Iv had plenty of training on how to “drive the truck backwards,” but it just doesn’t register with me. Now it’s a mental block thing. The rest of the lifestyle is okay. It is just bumping the dock.

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