Honest Abe
PM Abe Leads Japan on the Road to Remilitarization
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  • Breif2

    “Japan has long forbidden collective self-defense”

    When it comes to defending other countries, not when it comes to it being defended…

    “Watch out, China.”

    Given how predictable this was, surely this is what China wanted all along.

  • Wu

    Not going to post a super lengthy response to Breif2 here, only to point out how ignorant and simply wrong his two lines analysis is.

    In starch contrast to their war ally Nazi Germany, Japan have as of this day, and for foreseeable future, never has or will concede the fact that they have done wrong in WWII. And that’s a problem for not only China, but all East and South East Asian countries, going forward.

    There are countless examples of Japanese government’s moves to erase and dampen the war crimes they’ve committed, in the minds of their young. And indeed, ours.

    If they don’t think what they did was wrong, only that they lost the war, what’s to prevent them from trying again? Is the thinking here.

    So no, this isn’t what China wanted all along. There’s no indication that China wants to do anything to reshape the world at this point. The communist government is way to self absorbed, its focus vastly dominated by domestic issues. However, if and only if, it want anything, then it would have to be a distant goal of reclaiming its status as the most powerful country in the world. And to that end, a friend next door will do it much more good than a narcissistic lackey for its main competitor.

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