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Biofuel Production Drops Due to Uncertainty about Mandate
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  • gabrielsyme

    using corn to make ethanol drives up global food prices, starving the
    world’s poor, and worst of all, the vast majority of our ethanol isn’t
    even green

    Doubtless this was written in haste, but when you have two options, one of which is “it isn’t green” and the other being “it causes starvation” the phrase “worst of all” needs to apply to the latter rather than the former.

    If Obama actually was what his supporters claimed to be: intelligent, engaged, not in hock to special interests, and concerned for the world’s poorest, this would have been the very first policy to get the axe. There is no more obviously stupid and gravely harmful policy of the United States government.

    • Breif2

      “It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder.”

  • BrianFrankie

    Not to be pedantic, but this post is conflating two separate biofuel programs. Biodiesel is generally made from oilseeds, while ethanol is (in the US) primarily corn based and blended into gasoline. The FT article is specifically about biodiesel, which has nothing to do with ethanol blending – among other differences, there is no blend limitation for biodiesel. Analysing the FT article from the standpoint of the ethanol biofuel program is a non sequitur.
    I’ll be the first to admit that both biodiesel and bioethanol programs have serious problems that require overhauls to the system. But the problems are different, and so are the solutions.

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