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Here’s What Effective Energy Sanctions Against Russia Look Like
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  • wigwag


    Who experiences the economic pain if Siberian shale or oil and gas from the Arctic Circle are never exploited? We all do.

    Sure it hurts the Russians; but what do you suppose it does for the price of oil and gas in the United States, China, India and the rest of the world if all the oil and gas sitting under Russian soil never makes it to market?

    • Boritz

      “…shale or oil and gas from the Arctic Circle are never exploited”

      These are beautiful words to the people who are quite effectively blocking Keystone, but that’s a coincidence.

  • lukelea

    But do we really want to go there? Does Russia? Isn’t there some middle ground that leaves Ukraine as a buffer state? This calls for creative diplomacy. Where are the diplomatists?

    • Andrew Allison

      Out to lunch. It was the effort on the part of the EU, supported by the US, to change Ukraine’s status as a buffer which created this mess.

    • El Gringo

      Where are the diplomatists?

      Busy bringing peace to Palestine and reversing climate change.

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