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Will EU Sanctions Ever Bite?
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  • qet

    Was Michael Singh unavailable for comment? Why, just last week in these very pages he was reassuring us that: “First, sectoral sanctions on Russia should remain on the table even as we pursue a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. If sanctions ultimately prove necessary, pains should be taken to counter the narrative of disunity that has dogged earlier sanctions efforts. The United States and the European Union should act in concert by agreeing on a common base of sanctions that significantly increases the economic price paid by Russia. Then, just as we did in the case of Iran, the United States can build upon that base with additional unilateral steps.”

    I mean, that sounded so promising. How could it have all gone so terribly, horribly wrong in less than a week???

    • Andrew Allison

      I assume that your question is sarcastic. The United States and the European Union are incapable of acting in concert because the members of the latter are incapable of doing so in such matters.

      • qet

        Oh, it’s sarcastic all right.

  • lukelea

    Thanks for covering the Ukrainian situation. Let’s see more incisive analysis of the kind we are used to seeing on this site. I would like to know whether WRM thinks there is anything the Obama administration might do to tone down the situation? Kiev’s aggressive military reaction to what it calls “terrorists” in the East strikes my as both overblown and counterproductive (to say nothing of inept). Don’t the EU and US have any leverage with Kiev? Where are the responsible adults?

    • Andrew Allison

      The responsible adults have left the building! The Ukraine “government” is incapable of governing the country, the EU is more concerned about relations with Russia (and selling it advanced weaponry!) than the future of Ukraine, and the US Administration is missing in action.

  • Andrew Allison

    Will EU Sanctions Ever Bite? Of course not: if they were to bite, as opposed to being minor irritants, the cost would be too high. The penultimate sentence on the post says it all.

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