Modi Rising
India Yearns for an Enlightened Despot
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  • Fat_Man

    I don’t know about India, but yearning for dictatorship is pretty common among NYTimes writers. Friedman has been quite open about it.

  • Bharati_shahida

    “It would be a welcome change for India to elect a self-made man.” PLENTY of Indian politicians/diplomats are from the lowest caste/class, like Khobragade. (India has the largest affirmative action program for decades with some failures, many successes.) It is very common to see Dalits in high positions in all government enterprises, the forces, corporations, railways, etc. India democratically elected K. R. Narayanan, a Dalit, as the nation’s President. (Also Muslims: Badruddin Tyabji became President of the Congress in 1887. The totally loved Zakir Hussain and Abdul Kalam became Presidents supported by the Hindu right wing.) Several Dalits have become multimillionaire businessmen/women. In any case, if you move town, no one will or can know your caste. The ruler of Baroda said any Dalit could take his last name, Gaikwad, as his own. Most rich Indians are self made. People who do little for the country are usually from English mission schools and can hardly read or write fluently in local languages, are raised to serve western institutions and look elsewhere for ideals or to give charity.

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