Divest Or Else
Harvard Students Launch Misguided Green Protest
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    Things like this have nothing to do with economics or even the environment. This is all about status and signaling. These children see that in the society in which they move “green” is a high status activity. Movie starts are green, the president is green, celebrities are green. On the other hand those that oppose green initiatives are perceived as right wing, anti-gay, racist flat-earthers: i.e. low status. Naturally the students want to raise their status by associating with other high status individuals.

    Logical argument will have no effect on such behavior.

  • Fat_Man

    Ron Unz called Harvard a hedge fund with a sideline as a college. I am beyond sure that the real people at Harvard will completely ignore the children. There is no bonus money in “social good”.

  • motoguzzi

    The Green movement is really just PC racism.
    Millions of poor third world children will be condemned to a life of starvation and misery, by affluent Western societies that have never suffered from so much as a missed meal.

  • Rick Heller

    This is not as dumb as you think. It’s not about economics. It’s about political theater. The same arguments were made about not divesting from businesses doing business with South Africa during the apartheid era. It was said that university divestment would make no difference, because others would be quick to buy up the divested stocks. It is true that it made no economic differences (economic sanctions, which is different than divestment, did make a difference). Nevertheless, the divestment movement was effective in creating publicity about the crimes of apartheid that helped motivate more effective actions.

    So this divestment movement is too about messaging and publicity rather than economics. Then, it comes down to what you think about the climate issue. I think its a more serious problem than the posters on this blog do, so I do favor legal means to organize opposition to the fossil fuel industry. I am not convinced that “civil disobedience” such as blockades are called for, however.

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