Modi Rising
Is Modi India’s Savior? Or Its Worst Nightmare?
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  • Anthony

    It is not exactly a secret that India and U.S. relations are going through a rough patch but…. America and Modi perhaps now we ought to include TAI and Modi: cold friends.

  • varu

    who the retard is this edward luce…does he know better than us.we have been living here for past 23 years yet these ignorant journalists dont bother to take our opinions ….these people smell consipiracy in everything…they just want a dumb deaf indian prime minister manmohan singh

  • Andrew Allison

    More selective quotes from TAI. For a more reasoned view, see: from the very same FT, which at least has the gritting to present both sides of the argument.

  • Jaldhar H. Vyas

    Here comes another journalist who is now shocked (shocked!) to discover Indian politicians can be demagogues. Doesn’t Luce remember why Rahul Gandhi’s father and grandmother were assassinated? Not for their habit of singing kumbaya I can tell you.

    Modi is neither India’s savior nor it’s worst nightmare. He is simply better than the ineffectual twit who inherited the Gandhi family business. The candidate who appeals more to his voters wins. That’s how this democracy thing is supposed to work isn’t it?

    Maybe Luce will feel better if we can get Modi to talk about women earning 77% of men’s salaries or the Koch brothers instead like civilized people.

  • VeVePe

    Sigh … another screed full of fevered dire propaganda.

    Those who want to comment about Modi should first read the authoritative and carefully researched book: “Modi, Muslims and Media” by Madhu Kishwar

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