Misunderestimating The World
Obama Gets North Korea Wrong Too
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  • alanstorm

    “Obama Gets North Korea Wrong Too”

    Well, at least he’s consistent.

  • adk

    “But we will always have Middle East Peace Process.”

  • Brian H

    I continue to get the sense that our best bet, as a globe-entire, of getting something in North Korea that stops the slow-motion collapse with minimal disruption is to convince China to basically sponsor a proxy within the military leadership of NK to oust the Kims and take over, instituting some semblance of Deng-style reforms. It’s less preferable to OUR interests in the West than a unified & democratic peninsula, perhaps, but it’s likely the best realpolitikal possibility to secure the country & its weapons without war our humanitarian disaster. Better to offer a clear-thinking rival a stronger client state in lieu of having a madman selling nukes to God-knows-who.

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