Could a European Energy Union Blunt Putin’s Gas Weapon?
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  • Pete

    An EU energy union is a pipe dream, and what’s in that pipe is not natural gas but dream inducing opium.

  • Fat_Man

    Only it is run by people who understand that “renewable energy” is an oxymoron sold to morons by knaves.

    • Corlyss

      Did you hear about the latest study that shows corn ethanol actually adds 7%+ in pollutants, in addition to consuming more energy to produce than it accounts for, and driving up food prices to the extent that UN food czar called corn ethanol a crime against humanity? Naturally the environazis went into a full swoon of rage to delegitimize the report.

  • Corlyss

    Even if the EU could herd enough cats to arrive at a consensus on energy policy, there’s a powerful faction that deems it prudent to tax their citizens with higher energy prices from Russia in order to keep Russia tied to Europe in a “positive” way. Russia will remain lashed up to Europe by its European satellite states if the EU don’t wake up sooner rather than later.

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