Syrian Chemical Attacks
What "Red Line"?
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  • rheddles

    The Red Line that runs to Harvard Square.

    • Andrew Allison

      Did you mean FROM Harvard Square [/grin]

  • adk

    “Red Lines”, and their uniform treatment, proliferate in this WH:

    “President Obama, disregarding his own red line, dithers on Ukraine”

    Jay Carney yesterday:

    … we are continuing to call on all parties to honor the agreements they made in Geneva.

    …we have potential new sanctions that we could impose, as we mentioned last week, and we are closely monitoring events in eastern Ukraine…

    …we will move forward with the imposition of further costs on Russia if Russia does not take action to comply with its commitments in Geneva.

    We have made clear that that kind of action, direct military intervention by Russia in Ukraine, in eastern Ukraine, would be a serious escalation of the situation there and would be met with a serious escalation of the cost to Russia.

    I will simply say that we will assess Russia’s actions in keeping with the commitments it made in Geneva and then evaluate those actions, and in coming days make a decision about whether or not further costs will be imposed because of Russian actions that destabilize Ukraine.

  • Jim__L

    Who needs enough of a military to enforce compliance with chemical weapons conventions, when you can have free birth control for everyone?

    The Left is a sick joke, and Obama is the punch line.

  • inthisdimension

    If the West cared about people being killed enough to do more than wring their hands, this already would have been stopped. Whether he kills 100,000 people with bullets or with gas, they’re still dead. Will the West do anything now? Nope. What will Obie do? Exchange Ukraine for Syria? Russia needs Syria’s Med ports. Period. Russia isn’t up for overthrowing the Syrian dictator, and Obie was too infantile to deal with this before it got serious; he’s too busy bowing to robots, taking selfies and throwing A-list parties. At the end of the day Americans needs to come to grips with the fact that the world’s a tough, tough place, but it is not our role to send OUR kids to fix all the problems. If Syria is a problem for the locals, let the locals fix it. “But people are being killed!” Yep – and we aren’t killing them, and sending OUR guys to get killed isn’t gonna help anything. Tragic, but none of our business. Now, if we want to go WW2 on them – destroy the murderous governments, annihilate their weapons and ideology, then occupy them for decades – fine. But we aren’t going to do that ever again. NOT OUR PROBLEM. “Accept the things we cannot change.. .and the courage to know the difference…” We CANNOT change the ME and it is past time we accepted that.

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