Reptile Diesel
Gator Fat: Fuel of the Future?
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  • Fat_Man

    No. Bio-fuels are a bad idea. Animal based ones are a worse idea than plant based ones. If you run a gator farm or a gator processing plant. It might help you. But more likely there are better uses for your by-product such as animal feed.

  • Jim__L

    OK, I thought that VM was supposed to run according to the principle that not all news is created equal. Did we have a slow day in Ukraine or something?

  • B-Sabre

    “Forget the tiger! Put a ‘gator in your tank!”

  • inthisdimension

    Put a gator in your tank? “Harvesting” gators is preferable to drilling
    oil??? Hmmm… killing a species of animals to fuel our cars is
    preferable to drilling oil? Is PETA up for this? Is it an ethical use of
    alligators – Kill them for their fat? Democrats are CONSIDERING THIS?
    Can anyone say “Buffalo…”???? ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE????

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