Ukraine's Future
Fighting a Culture of Corruption
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  • Andrew Allison

    Isn’t there another possible interpretation, namely that the chances of the EU actually doing anything meaningful to deter Russia are slim to negligible? We’ve seen this movie, and know how it ends.

    • rheddles

      The time to do something meaningful was when the pipeline was built. As I recall the Reagan administration opposed the construction but Germany couldn’t turn down a good deal. Now the Ukrainians are living with the consequences. We have much to thank our German allies for. Enough that it makes one wonder why we are still in Nato.

      • Andrew Allison

        But if we left, how would we employ the 66,000 of our troops and, much, much more importantly, all the command staff with which they are burdened, er, governed. [/sarc]

        • Jim__L

          Last time we pulled a bunch of GI’s out of Europe we had to encourage them to move to the suburbs and get married… can’t have that, now, can we.

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