Rethinking Higher-Ed
Three-Year Bachelor’s Picking Up Steam at Elite Schools
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  • Fat_Man

    And give up tuition? Fuhgeddaboudit.

  • El Gringo

    “As long as each graduate can demonstrate mastery of the material, there’s no reason to mandate that everyone learn at the same pace or follow the same curriculum.”

    And who will make that determination? The tenured professors that teach the courses and rely upon tuition for their salaries? Or the bloated school administrations that depend upon the same?

  • qet

    The math is suspect: 25% of the time cut but a savings of just 20%? And might we expect that, if against Wesleyan’s predictions, the 3-year degree does become popular, it will either be found, conveniently, not to be in the students’ best interests after all, or otherwise the 4th revenue year will find its way into the other three?
    I also find it interesting, in a disturbing kind of way, that Via Meadia in these very electronic pages constantly promotes a vision of education that is totally at odds with the vision promoted by its Alma Mater. Consider Bard’s famed First Year Seminar. The point of that program is not to gorge students’ brains solely that they may disgorge it on a final exam. It requires time to read those books and consider what you are reading, to be able to draw out of them the value that grants them the title of “great” books. That is education.

    • Curious Mayhem

      It is education, at least what liberal arts education used to be in many places. But the mix of declining standards, exploding costs, and political correctness have made programs like Bard’s problematic. Online courses can never replace that. But they can provide an effective way of teaching more advanced or specialized topics.

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