Pension Meltdown
California’s Centrist Dems Overwhelmed by the Left
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  • lukelea

    Off topic, but WRM and his staff might like this nuanced analysis of the situation in Ukraine:

    • Enemy Leopard

      For whatever reason, Motl has accepted the Russian narrative of the revolution in Kiev, which is that the new government is dominated by neo-Nazis and fascists. This seems to shape his largely anti-Western view of the situation. I don’t buy it. My impression is that the Russians are tapping into deep fears in the region of a fascist resurgence, fears with a sound historical basis, but which unfairly tar the majority of the revolutionaries with the legacy of long-distant choice to side with Hitler against Stalin.

  • Fat_Man

    Can we really call the public employee unions and their minions “left wing”. Aren’t they really defending entrenched privilege? Isn’t that the definition of “right wing”?

    • Bruce

      Your post is lame, but it is also lame for the original poster to call Jerry Brown a “centrist Dem.”

  • PKCasimir

    Is WRM now doing its hiring at Berkeley, the only place in the country where Jerry Brown is considered a “centrist Democrat?”

    • RonRonDoRon

      Among the CA Democrats, Brown is centrist. Strange and sad, but true.

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