Violence in the CAR
What to Make of Africa's God Wars
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  • free_agent

    You write, “Africa is going through the early stages of a modernization and development process. In Europe, a similar process led to generations of ethnic cleansing and conflict that made the first half of the 20th century the bloodiest and most horrible period in European history.”

    I’m reminded more of the 1600s in Europe, when the Thirty Years’ War and other Catholic-Protestent genocides ran. I’ve read that 30% of Central Europeans died in that war.

  • gabrielsyme

    Enormous credit must go to the brave priests and religious of the C.A.R. for doing their utmost to shield Muslims from retribution. This is the kind of thing too little seen in the world.

    The central problem here would seem to be the difficulty minority Muslim populations have in accepting the role of a minority. We see a little of this in places like Kenya and Ethiopia, but certainly the worst consequences have been in the C.A.R. Any minority that attempts to seize power with violence makes itself vulnerable to reprisals and to being viewed as an lurking threat within the nation.

    It would behoove the governments of nations with significant Muslim minorities to ensure that that community is represented in the corridors of power, so that there is less temptation to resort to rebellion & violence. At the same time, however, governments should work with Christian churches to powerfully make the case that a religion that condones acts of terrorism is inhuman and false. One must force Muslim leaders to disavow violence or face discredit in the eyes of the masses who know all to well the cost in blood of conflict.

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