The boss of the sea
China’s Muscular Civilian Fleet Threatens, Irritates Neighbors
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  • Boommach

    Reset buttons…lots of reset buttons. Fix things right up…make everyone feel good.

  • Jim__L

    The most tragic part here is that fisheries worldwide are shrinking — these guys may be fighting for pieces of a smaller and smaller pie.

    Land agriculture has seen “green revolutions”, to keep Malthus at bay. Absent some application of scientific ingenuity and political self-control, Malthus is currently the favorite for victory at sea.

  • Boritz

    You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion. Some senior American foreign ministry type needs to emphasize this.

    • Andrew Allison

      I couldn’t disagree more. The evidence is all around us that 19th Century behavior is the winning strategy. How exactly, other than wringing its hands, do you suggest that the State Department make it clear that there’s a better way? US foreign policy for at least the past six years has done nothing but encourage 19th Century behavior on the part of our enemies

      • Pete

        I think Bortiz was being facetious …. at least I hope so

      • Jim__L

        It’s because of politically correct “education” and culture.

        You wouldn’t believe the number of people I’ve met in since 2000 who reacted to my analysis that China was pursuing Mercantilist policies with something resembling, “China couldn’t possibly be Mercantilist, because it was a victim of Mercantilism”, or, “Mercantilism has been discredited”. I’m not kidding. People have come around more nowadays, but fifteen years ago it just didn’t enter their heads. China discovered that the old rules still work.

        Same thing with military aggression today. Nations are discovering that to some extent it can work. The 19th century rules didn’t go away, they were just ignored by mutual consent.

        The US was so successful during the Cold War that we developed the arrogant belief that we could make the rules. This is a dangerous illusion. Humanity cannot make rules, aside from the weakest and most transient.

        Prosperity and success is simple: Rules must be discovered. Then those rules must be followed — made to work in your favor. They must not be pushed beyond the natural constraints that other rules impose on them.

        Some rules are more prone to those natural constraints than others. But rules can’t be broken. Someone who thinks they have broken a rule was either mistaken about its being a rule, or hasn’t realized what kind of consequences the rule is going to impose farther down the line.

        People who think they “make their own rules” are delusional. They have either (rarely) discovered rules that others haven’t, or (more likely) are willfully blinding themselves.

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