Pivot to Africa?
Islamist Militancy Rising in Africa
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  • Jim__L

    It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be more cost-efficient than sending our own military forces. Less cost, certainly, but how efficient?

    Of course, this is how our involvement in Vietnam started. We should keep our eyes open for successes we should reinforce, and failures we shouldn’t.

    • Government Drone

      What I can see happening is that when one of “our” Africans commit an atrocity, we get blamed for it anyway, & after enough of this (or of general fecklessness — see Mali’s army) we’ll have to do the job ourselves.

  • free_agent

    Last year, the US imported $50 billion in goods from Africa, and exported $35 billion in goods to Africa. That puts a pretty sharp upper limit on how much we care, especially given (1) those numbers include North Africa, which isn’t part of *this* problem, (2) those numbers include trade with South Africa (which is something like half the sub-Saharan economy), which is not endangered, and (3) probably much of the remaining trade is in oil, which will get onto the international oil market regardless of which bloody tyrant is in charge.

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