So Much for the Pivot
TPP on the Brink of Failure
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  • rheddles

    Does anyone think the man who said “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” will be given TPA? When trust is broken, it’s hard to lead.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Especially since numerous provisions of this agreement (particularly those dealing with intellectual property) have been kept shrouded in secrecy.
      Given this administration’s willingness to ignore inconvenient provisions in existing law, why would any rational person give them new powers?

  • S.C. Schwarz

    This will never happen. Obama never does anything that might annoy his base and that is doubly true with a midterm election looming.

  • Fat_Man

    Obama has demonstrated that if he has authority, he will abuse it for narrow partisan purposes and to enrich his crony donors. He should not be trusted with any more authority than he already has.

  • crocodilechuck

    Does the writer and any of the commenters here even REALISE what this ‘TPP’ actually IS?

    We already have free trade, in terms of the relaxation of tariffs that have been steadily dismantled in H2 of the 20thC.

    The TPP is about enshrining the power and authority of corporations over sovereign nations. So, along with extending copyright to 125 years (is anyone shocked?), preventing the sale of generic drugs (in favour of ones which can be rolled over ad infinitum as ‘patented’) corporations will have the power to sue countries, if they are unhappy with the returns they have made on ‘investments’ within these.

    Suggest that the blogger and all below read this post – and have a lie down and a think*:

    * you are collectively castigating Obama for NOT getting this over the line!!

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