Syrian Rebels in Trouble
Hezbollah Might Be Winning Assad’s War
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  • mc

    This is premature at best and backwards to the reality in Qalamoun at worst. Newspapers in Lebanon and rebel sources have been reporting that the battle was a disaster for Hizbullah and Asad, and that a crisis in the south has compelled the regime to redeploy its forces. We’ll know in a few days; for the moment we know nothing.

    I don’t understand why western writers give Hizbullah media any credence–watch an hour of al-Manar TV and you’ll witness demonstrable fabrications again and again. It and others like it are useful on what Hizbullah is telling its deluded followers, nothing more.

  • Fat_Man

    Why can’t they all lose?

    • Corlyss

      Because the US is in full feathered flight from the region both to feed the entitlement behemoth and to improve Democrats chances of keeping the Senate in 2014 and electing a successor Duffus to the current Duffus in 2016.

  • Corlyss

    Hezbollah better be winning. IRGC doesn’t stock and staff that piratical bunch for grins and giggles.

    • mc

      No one can say, there’s too much disinformation. For what it’s worth, I read Syrian sources in Arabic several hours per day, discounting but not ignoring the ones with a poor record, and it looks to me like the rebels have changed the field situation. They may well be on the verge of transforming the strategic situation throughout the country, though this remains to be seen. One thing I’m certain of: things are not going at all well for the regime in Qalamoun, the south, and its alliance of convenience with ISIS.

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