Putin Bases Down South
Russia Turns Gaze to Latin Autocrats
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  • Fat_Man

    I don’t suppose the current administration is interested in the Monroe Doctrine. Feckless bunch of dweebs.

    • Jim__L

      They’re all about Change. The Monroe Doctrine is so old-fashioned!

      Hope, too, that everything will be OK without any effort on the US’s part.

  • Jim__L

    “He doesn’t actually like us very much, and doesn’t wish us well.”

    … and he knows we won’t do much of anything about it.

  • znanab

    More power to Putin and Russia, then. If setting up second-rate bases in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua is what Putin fancies, well let him. Those are truly great nations, right? Let’s hope this latest venture turns into another “win over Obama” just as Syria and Ukraine have turned out to be great “wins” for Putin.

    Even when facts on the ground clearly point to Putin losing his marbles, as long as he is up against the “feckless” Obama (in some minds), he must be winning. We can all see how Putin has succeeded in transforming Syria (with the Tartus Naval Base) into a shining example for Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to follow. And who can fail to see Putin’s great diplomatic success in Ukraine. Any day now they will be naming streets after him in Kiev, right?

  • lukelea

    For a most extraordinary inside look at how Russian society really works look at this congressional testimony by American journalist Anne Williamson

  • qet

    Not to trivialize the matter, but maintaining a credible world-wide military presence requires a kind and level of domestic economic and social organization that Russia does not appear to have, just as the USSR before it didn’t have. Military bases, especially naval ones, and a modern naval force generally, is an extremely complex and expensive proposition, both technically and financially. I really don’t see how Russia can build and maintain such a force and deploy it credibly to all of these places. They are certainly able to get an outstanding PR return on their investment, though. But such a return is ephemeral, I think.

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