Blue Civil War
The Battle of San Jose
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  • JohnOfEnfield

    We have the same issue in the UK. National debt us fast approaching 90% of GDP & forecast to go to 110-20%. There are virtually no final salary pensions in the private sector available to new hires but public sector staff get better salaries, final salary pensions completely inflation proofed. It doesn’t need very sophisticated computer models to work out where it will all end…..

  • Anthony

    “…union leaders and their allied legislators have imprudently designed.” Please, don’t excuse culpable municipal and state executives. Further and corollary to your posed questions is, why were shortsighted, opportunistic, and irresponsible policies condoned by a voting public (electorate electing and reelecting legislators, mayors, governors, union leadership, et al)?

  • Pete

    The mayors should run an aggressive public relations campaign on TV, etc. showing the damage public sector unions are doing.

    Am I say that the public sector unions should be demonized? Damn right.

    • qet

      This is just what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin, isn’t it? And even though he appears to have won, a lot of political blood was spilled. I don’t think any Democrat could survive such a battle. I think when such battles are waged, unions are generally successful at portraying the fight as one about the idea of unions rather than the economic realities of union-driven fiscal policy. That, and the fact that union thugs aren’t afraid to crack open a few skulls.

  • igoklany

    “…this system that union leaders and their allied legislators have imprudently designed.” [Emphasis added.]

    Not “imprudently designed” rather “cynically designed” — public employees vote in politicians supported by their unions, the politicians then vote all these lifetime benefits to the “public” employees even after they run out of other people’s money; meanwhile the general public wallows in “rational ignorance.” Crony capitalism smells sweet next to this scheme. Is this the inevitable result of democracy?

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