Junking the Mail
Americans Give Thumbs Up to USPS Transformation
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  • Gene

    “At this point it’s only Congress that is standing in its way.” I think that will one day be seen as the best brief summation of U.S. domestic politics in the first half of this century.

  • Bruce

    Good point about Congress obstructing. However, the postal workers union has been formidable over the decades as well in preventing reforms.

  • Andrew Allison

    Given the fact that the study was commissioned by the USPS, the conclusions that “The overwhelming majority of respondents think their life would be affected adversely if the Postal Service did not exist in five years.” and “Most respondents also consider Postal Service delivery a public service that should be maintained, even if it is not profitable.” should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt.
    The report goes on to say that that “Respondents, however, generally misunderstand how the Postal Service is funded, believing it is funded through tax dollars, rather than postage sale revenue.” I suspect that the respondents understand perfectly well that if USPS loses money, it must come from somewhere else. All the study does is buttress the argument for the tinkering (not transformation) which the USPS recently proposed to Congress and had rejected. Hardly money well spent.
    A transformational approach (which also wouldn’t make it through Congress, but that’s another story) would have been to get public reaction to staggered every other day delivery, requiring roughly half as many carriers (a few extra for same-day delivery of, appropriately priced, Priority/Express mail) as at present.

  • teapartydoc

    My postmen patients tell me their job is to deliver junk mail.

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