Argentina to Raze Media in Name of "Free Speech"
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  • stevewfromford

    Argentina has its own share of “blackwhites” in the Orwellian sense of those benighted souls who will see and say what ever the power brokers wish them to see and say. This willingness to turn on a dime and toe the company line is widespread in the leftist pundocracy. One has only to observe the reaction to supposed “job lock” and the giving up of 2.5 million jobs and imagine what howls of derision a Republican President would have been greeted with if he had made such ridiculous charges. The lefties willingly put on their most solemn faces to pontificate about how wise and even good such an outcome was! Yes we have ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.

  • ljgude

    If the US keeps going down the Bolivarian road it will come to this too. Via Meadia will be one of the first to go given that it is a highbrow dissenting voice in uncomfortably close proximity to the New York Times.

    • Jim__L

      There are ways to keep websites like VM “On the air” despite government crackdown. It may take some hustle, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

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