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Workers Deal Massive Blow to United Auto Workers
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  • bigfire

    As I’ve read elsewhere, worker in this VW plant aren’t necessary opposed to union representation. The only conclusion is that they reject UAW representation due to its many conflicted interests. They just don’t trust UAW.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Labor Gang monopolies should all have to face anti-trust laws like any other monopoly, and be broken up so they can’t extort money from employers, consumers, and taxpayers.

  • Pete

    What a St. Valentine’s Day gift to the UAW.

    Instead of the cake-walk it was expecting, given the overt support the union had from VW’s senior management in Germany, the union goons got a black eye.

    Imagine if there was a federal right-to-work law on the books. Private sector unions were virtually disappear over night.

  • Bruce

    There might be a number of things at work here. Workers may resent the bloated salaries of union heads. Many may also resent having their dues confiscated and spent on Democrat politicians.

  • Atanu Maulik

    Workers are getting wiser. Good for them.

    • Kavanna

      That’s been true of American workers for a long time. This generation remembers their parents’ and grandparents’ unions as they actually were — stiffling, often thuggish and racist, and spectaculaly greedy — not as the academic left keeps fantasizing.

  • Boritz

    They declined to be more like GM. Go figure.

    • TommyTwo

      They’d have to decline to be more like GM. 🙂

  • John Stephens

    All the opposition had to do was say one word to win: DETROIT.

    • Bruce

      I did not see the quote, but a buddy of mine said that he saw a quote where one of the workers who voted no said, “Why would I want to buy a ticket on the Titanic?”

  • free_agent

    A union can’t thrive unless it can organize all of the businesses that compete with each other. So far, we don’t have any world-wide unions…

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