Debt Showdown
The GOP Just Scored a Big Win in the Debt Ceiling Vote
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  • exceller

    good luck with that. This is being reported in media as a big win for Obama, which of course it is.

  • Stingo

    Republicans had a bad hand, they folded. Better to fold than to go all in with a bad hand.

  • gmcinva

    I really don’t like the continual increase in debt, but I believe the Speaker did what was best in a bad situation. The President and Senate Democrats would have loved to be able to refuse any negotiation, and lure Republicans into another “government shutdown” that would change the subject from the “Obamacare” disaster and increase Democrat hopes of retaining the Senate. This is simply politics that is detrimental to the U.S. financial position, but perhaps is the best of a sorry lot of alternatives.

  • qet

    This logic has always perplexed me. If the GOP won’t fight raising the debt ceiling now, in order that they have a better opportunity of getting a Senate majority, then won’t they also not fight it once they have the majority because that would jeopardize their retention of that majority in the next election? The fact is that the GOP that won’t fight the debt ceiling raise now because it will hurt them in the next election is the same GOP that, once it has that majority, won’t cut spending enough to obviate the need to raise the debt ceiling because cutting all that spending (and remember that in our Jabberwocky world, a failure merely to increase spending over last years’s leevel is considered as a “cut”) will cost them that majority in the next election!

    • Andrew Allison

      Unhappily, history tells us that the GOP is just as irresponsible with the taxpayer’s money as the other guys. They just waste it differently.

      • qet

        Yes, exactly! This is why I am sort of rooting for the Tea Partty element although I really have little hope that if they gained ascendancy within the party they would not end up being exactly the same.

  • TommyTwo

    Dear GOP base, we are abandoning our principles now in order to better fight for them in the future. Please send money and get out the vote.

    • Andrew Allison

      Much as it pains me, I fear that I must disagree with you. There are at least two other scaenaria (LOL). The most likely, in my opinion, was a message to the all-or-nothing crowd that it’s a strategy which gets you nothing. In other words, if you don’t have a proposal which can pass in the Senate, STFU. The alternative is that the pain wasn’t worth the purely symbolic game. In order to win the Senate in November, the GOP has to start acting like a adult.

      • TommyTwo

        I am happy to ease your pain and state that I don’t think we disagree. My comment was not meant to oppose Boehner’s understandable tactic but only to point out that it too could have electoral costs, among people who are “deep, calming breath”-ed out.

  • Jim__L

    The Democrats shouldn’t feel bad about this GOP victory — they’ve have had triumphs of their own recently!

    ObamaCare has been repealed. Jerry Brown just cancelled California’s HSR, saying “Jeez, what was I thinking?” Al Gore and James Hansen have issued plenary retractions of everything they’ve ever said or written. And to top off the week of wins, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer were run over by buses. (Don’t worry, the buses are OK!)

  • ltlee1

    Will Boehner run for president? He looks great, not just president, but regal.

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