Prepare to be A-Maized
Johnny GMO-Seed Ready for European Tour
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  • TommyTwo

    I shall now head to the reinforced basement of my nuclear bunker, hoping it will protect me from the falling sky.

  • El Gringo

    “Green opposition to GMOs has always been more about sentiment than science.”

    And has been very succesful. As one biotech company manager recently told me, “People don’t care about the science. We have been pushing the science for years now, trying to show people how safe GMO is but people don’t care. When you are talking about mothers going to the grocery store to buy milk for their children, science has very little to do with it.”

    If the goal is to promote GMO then those in favor need to find a different message. You either appeal to the customers’ emotion or their pocketbooks because appealing to their logic has been a dead end.

  • Government Drone

    So: Europen sentimentality has been overcome, not by an appeal to reason, nor practicality, nor facts — but rather because of a blind & procedurally bound bureaucracy that takes no account of the wishes of the people it allegedly serves.
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.

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