The Wages of Obamacare
You Won’t Believe How Unpopular Obama Has Gotten
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  • Anthony

    It’s not just wages of Obamacare but manifestation of inadequate preparation for tough job under even favorable circumstances – nation (not rabid Obama critics) has experienced/witnessed what its like when emperor is revealed with no clothes.

    • Kavanna

      Yep. Many, shall we say, hallucinated those imaginary clothes.

  • ljgude

    There are some interesting anomalies. If i read the above map correctly Obama’s support has fallen 4.4% in California but risen 4.2% in Texas? It seems accurate because it says that 41.5% of Texans voted Obama in 2012 but 45.6% support him today. So what had Obama done for Texas lately? I don’t think he has been passing our pistols like Obamaphones.

    • Rol_Texas

      Yeah, I noticed that too. Also: Utah is the only other state where the Prez improved his approval rating. Off the top of my head, I would have to guess that there were two local-effect stories in Texas and Utah that maybe energized the Dems in those states to be slightly less annoyed with the President: 1) in Utah, the brief, court-created gay marriage right and subsequent fight, and 2) the ongoing Wendy Davis saga. The numbers for Texas and Utah might have picked up a strong signal for these events, depending on when the numbers were gathered. Of course, it may also just be noise. Either way, I would be really, really surprised if the Democrats were to make any significant gains in either state in 2014 or 2016.

      Other interesting spots: both Georgia and Arizona showed no change.

      • rheddles

        Read Barone’s article

        • Anthony

          Read article earlier in week and thought Barone’s WSJ piece alluded to U.S. cultural distinctions cited by various scholars identifying settled U.S. regions. However, his important point (Midcentury moment, not coming back) cannot be overlooked; and it may not necessarily be a governance issue unless one chooses to reduce all antagonisms/interests to binary big government little government formulation.

  • Kavanna

    It amazes me that’s even 46%. Democrats plus Democrat-leaning independents are about 42-44% of the electorate. It deepens the mystery of how he won re-election in 2012.

    Of course, with Obamacare, we Americans are getting what we deserve for supporting such an arrogant and narcissistic clown.

  • lukelea

    He could have been great but he blew his chance when he identified as being black and abandoned the working-class white half of his family — first when he through his grandmother under the bus in Philadelphia, then with the Skip Gates/ Officer Crowley case, finally with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy. By failing to stand up for the white half of who he is he showed his true face: a narcissist who just wanted to be President to gratify his ego. At least that is my present assessment. (Disclosure — I’m no great judge of character.)

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