Turmoil in Turkey
Turkish Premier Purges Followers of Exiled Imam
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  • bigfire

    Learn to live with the deal you made. Gulen backed this Islamist, get used to it.

  • qet

    Interesting. One is not accustomed to see “Islamist” and “economy boomed and living standards rose” in the same sentence.

  • TommyTwo

    “Turkish Premier Purges Followers of Exiled Imam”

    I am shocked! Shocked and puzzled. After all, we all know that Erdogan isn’t some religious fanatic or authoritarian. He merely wanted to save Turkish democracy from the Kemalists and ensure freedom of religion and conscience. I can’t for the life of me imagine what went wrong.


    • TommyTwo

      “Turkish Premier Purges Followers of Exiled Imam”
      “Gulen hints that his followers … might even form an alliance with the secular party founded by Atatürk”

      Brezhnev’s mother came to visit her son. ‘This is my house,’ said Brezhnev, showing her around.
      ‘And this is my car. And that’s my swimming pool.
      And this’ — he shows her some photographs — ‘is my second house.
      And this is my aeroplane.
      And this is my villa on the Black Sea. And this is my yacht.’
      His mother gasps in wonder.
      ‘You do live well, Lyonechka,’ she says. ‘But I am nervous for you. What if the Bolsheviks come back?’

  • gabrielsyme

    On one level, we can certainly understand why you would want to exclude people with strong loyalties to a powerful extra-governmental movement from jobs in sensitive areas such as policing, prosecution, the judiciary and the army. On the other hand, if such people are basically followers of a religious leader, it is clearly discriminatory, and all the more so when such followers are being fired with no evidence of having acted in any way improperly.

    Of course, if Turkish laws on wrongful termination are as weak as the rest of their legal protections, the Gulenists are completely out of luck.

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