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The Information Revolution Is Only Just Beginning
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  • lukelea

    “The information revolution is just gearing up; bigger changes are coming than anything we’ve yet seen.”

    Famous words. Let’s see how they look in twenty years. My bet: the biggest changes we’ve already seen. And they have been truly big.

  • Jim__L

    City life is likely to become a matter of choice, rather than a chore for those of us who have to live here for the sake of employment.

    I predict that as desalinization becomes cost-effective, the entire Pacific Coast — from Seattle to San Diego, or even from Vancouver to Mexico and points south — will become more populated, for the sake of weather and scenery. Aesthetic reasons will be dominant as economic reasons. Look to Sydney and Melbourne for models of how urban life will develop.

    And, look to “Inland Empires” to see how suburban life will develop. Riverside County, bedroom communities like Morgan Hill and Gilroy — McMansions, actual living space, for families. They will be within driving distance (automated or not) of whatever “amenities” people want, for the occasions that they want them (and have the time and money for them). Even larger properties will be available farther inland, for those who want their half-acre or more.

    Since moving house and generational connections really are a big deal, this will take decades to work out fully. The information revolution’s severing the connection between place-of-residence and place-of-employment will make this a reality, though. Fascinating times.

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