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Higher Ed Transformation
This Year in MOOCs


It’s been a roller coaster year for MOOCs, but despite some major setbacks over the past few months, the technology is still one of the most interesting trends in higher-ed at the moment. In honor of MOOCs’ big year, EdSurge is taking a look at a number of statistics from the past few years which illustrate just how quickly MOOCs have grown.

The most important statistic is, of course, the total number of MOOCs, which has grown rapidly from somewhere in the low hundreds at the beginning of the year to nearly 1000 by the end. Even more interesting however, is the chart (reproduced above) which shows the market share of the various MOOC platforms. Despite all the fretting over Udacity’s pivot away from university education toward corporate training, Udacity actually accounts for only a small fraction of the market. Coursera, on the other hand, is the true giant, and accounts for nearly half of all MOOCs worldwide.

The article also includes statistics on the changing subject matter of MOOC coursework and the expansion of courses in foreign languages, and is well worth a look for anyone interested in how MOOCs are likely to change over the next year.

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