Ruckus in Tokyo
Abe Stirs Controversy With Shrine Visit
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  • Tim Godfrey

    Abe made some fairly strong statements to repudiate the myths spread by the Koreans and Chinese:

    “Some people criticize the visit to Yasukuni as paying homage to war criminals, but the purpose of my visit today . . . is to report before the souls of the war dead how my administration has worked for one year and to renew the pledge that Japan must never wage war again.”

  • TommyTwo

    “The United States is disappointed that Japan’s leadership has taken an
    action that will exacerbate tensions with Japan’s neighbors”

    Give me a break. This is classic “It’s never a good time” disingenuousness. If the situation were all hunky-dory, Abe would be criticized for the abrupt, out-of-nowhere introduction of discord in paradise. The current tensions were created mainly by a particular neighbor of Japan’s, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Abe’s thoughts were along the lines of “Might as well be hanged for a sheep…”

    As to the substance of the matter, while Japan’s wartime record was reprehensible, visits to the Yasukuni Shrine are in no way an endorsement thereof. It is now almost the proverbial threescore years and ten since Japan has abjured aggression and has been establishing its bona fides. If I were a US diplomat, my response to Chinese complaints would not be the above claptrap but rather silence, and that only because my words would be very undiplomatic.

  • JeffWeimer

    I would file this under “Game of Thrones” myself.

  • Considering that the Chinese Communist Party spent WWII fighting the Chinese government rather than the Japanese, Red China’s objection to the visit is quite laughable. And in no way is Japan’s military buildup and defense of Japanese territory making the region less safe.

  • xbox361

    Honoring a country’s war dead should not be controversial. Acknowledging the wrongness of the war should go with honoring the dead.
    The Japanese showed bravery and depravity in conquering their neighbors. Do you erase the existence of this by ignoring it?

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