A New Jewish Exodus?
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  • wigwag

    “Interestingly, the piece reports that European Jews tend to believe that anti-semitism is coming mostly from Muslim populations and from the European left-wing, not from the European right-wing.” (Via Meadia)

    The irony is that of the two, left-wing anti-Semitism is even more insidious and dangerous than Islamic anti-Semitism.

    There are a couple of ironies coming from this report: (1) it appeared in the BBC and, (2) Hungary, France and Belgium are cited as examples but not Great Britain.

    The BBC is at least as hostile to Jews and Israel as Al Jazeera is and not much more attentive to getting the story right either. In Great Britain, hostility to Jews is found in both the left and the center of British politics. Foreign Secretary William Hague has been an enemy of the Jewish State for decades.

    It’s time for Americans in general and Jews in particular to face up to reality. The idea that fifteen hundred years of hatred for Jews ingrained in European culture could be wiped out in less than a century just wasn’t plausible.

    The Europeans are merely showing their true stripes. 75 years ago it was European rightists who hated Jews now it’s European leftists. For centuries it was European Christians who hated Jews, now it’s European Muslims.

    The point is that Europe is always full of Jew haters.

    What else about the continent do you need to know?

    • Anthony

      “The idea that fifteen years of hatred for Jews ingrained in European culture could be wiped out in less than a century….” Very incisive/poignant WigWag.

    • lukelea

      “The point is that Europe is always full of Jew haters. ”

      Bullshit, WigWag. There’s a name for that kind of wholesale judgment passing. It’s called bigotry.

      • f1b0nacc1

        No, WigWag’s comment is sadly apt…yours, on the other hand, is often referred to as denial…

        • lukelea

          It is the wholesaleness I object to. I imagine it must feel good, but it is wrong — and exceedingly unhelpful.

          • Bill Gryan

            Right, because everyone knows that generalizations are bad. Generally speaking, of course.

            The question is whether there is a significant anti-semitic sentiment among a good part of the European population. If there is, then there is. We face it, even if it feels good to deny it.

    • Andrew Allison

      “The irony is that of the two, left-wing anti-Semitism is even more insidious and dangerous than Islamic anti-Semitism.” is the key point. But fascism comes from the left, not the right. It is national socialism write large.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see the same reaction here to the Antisemitism of the Progressives that have taken control of the Intellectual and Political Left.

  • Corlyss

    The anti-Semites have a great international justification for their behavior – the degree to which the EU seeks to curry favor with their own Muslim thugs and the international Muslim thugs knocks civilization itself into the hazard.

    • Andrew Allison

      Come now, Corlyss. Do you really believe that the EU is currying favor with it’s Muslim populations?

      • f1b0nacc1

        There are plenty of EU grandees who are doing just that. The muzzies are large groups, cohesive, and utterly dependent upon the state for their sustenance. Just the sort of people that the EU administrators would find most useful in the future…

      • Corlyss

        Absolutely. EU states are terrified of the Muslim immigrants they depend on to keep their welfare states afloat, at the same time that the PetroArabs keep the allegedly liberal (small l) elites in line with their oil contracts and extract increasingly larger concessions regarding both Palestinians and Muslim populations within the several European states. Europe is still heavily dependent on Arab oil. This isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been going on for 30 years. Read either of Bat Yeor’s books on the future fate of the Europeans as the Muslim tsunami overwhelms them.

        • Andrew Allison

          Or, for a glimmer of hope, Chesterton’s “The Man Who Was Thursday” [grin]

          • Corlyss

            Unfortunately, it’s been growing since long before economic conditions produced allegedly fascist populists that scare the crap out of Eurotrash that ought to be scared of the stinking garden produced by their sloth, their lack of fecundity, and their self-absorption with their social Progressivism. This has been growing since the 70s, accelerated with 9/11 noticeably. Really, you need to read Bruce Bawer if Bat Yeor is too alarmist for you. She’s the one with the facts and the long time-line; Bawer is a recent convert to the extremity of the situation, esp. in Europe but also in the US. Bawer moved from the US to Netherlands because he want to be free to be gay. After a few years observing the way authorities cowered in the face of Muslim gangs beating up Jews, tourists, gays, and the naïve who strayed into their Sharia no-go zones, he fled to Norway. Why Norway? Because he discovered Norway is about 20 years behind the EU in capitulation to the forces of chaos despoiling Europe. The European authorities response to all this? They lecture the victims that its all very unfortunate, but the authorities can do nothing because the perps are just being true to their cultural traditions and beliefs, the authorities are tolerant of such practices, so the victims have learn to stop doing things that annoy the Muslims.

      • Corlyss

        Here’s a cliff notes version by Mark Steyn from WSJ, 2006:


        • Andrew Allison

          I’m a fan of Steyn, but think he misses the mark with this column by failing to differentiate between Islam (a religion) and Radical Islam (an opportunistic reach for power). I won’t argue that democracy is in decline — as De Tocqueville and Basiat wrote, it carries the seeds of its own destruction. We have our own tribal opportunists here (The Revs Sharpton and Jackson spring to mind). My point was, and is, that it’s much more complicated than kowtowing to a particular minority.
          Interestingly, there’s a report out today (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24852131) which delves into antisemitism in Germany and shows that it is far, far more widespread than the 5% of the population of Muslim background. Europe has a very long history of antisemitism which, like herpes, is mostly latent but very opportunistic.

          • Corlyss

            Agree the kowtowing is symptomatic of a lack of cultural self confidence, not the cause.

            I’m well aware that anti-Semitism extends beyond the Muslim minority. My original post said the national and international Muslims provide cover for non-Muslim nationals. Where we differ is you attribute it to events far more recent than I do and factions that are not the origin of the current contagion.

          • Andrew Allison

            With respect, where we differ is my belief that “We’ve seen this movie before, without Muslims in the cast.”, i.e., it’s a ancient, and recurrent, problem. Regards.

  • lukelea

    I looked under the hood of that survey and saw that it was an “open on-line survey” which means that no attempt was made to make the sample of respondents representative of the Jewish populations as a whole in the countries surveyed. They self-volunteered. I think that merits mentioning (!as does the fact that, according to the report one of the biggest expressed concerns was growing antisemitism on-line, which is hardly reflective of society as a whole.

    Furthermore I think it is fundamentally misleading not to distinguish between Muslim immigrants in Europe and people of European ancestry. It causes people like wigwag to make hasty generalizations.

    That said I find developments in Hungary genuinely disturbing. Why is Hungary different? That’s the story I would like to know more about.

  • Corlyss
  • BobSykes

    Any Jew who stays in Europe is a damned fool. Either go to Israel or come to America, but get out.

  • Gregale

    The line that “left-wing hostility to orthodox religion…is combining with Muslim anger” suggests that there is something other than “hostility to orthodox religion” that drives the left.

  • Omar

    “Interestingly, the piece reports that European Jews tend to believe that anti-semitism is coming mostly from Muslim populations and from the European left-wing, not from the European right-wing. ”

    Not “interesting” and not something they “believe.” It’s simply true. Also, it sure ain’t conservatives jumping on the BDS movement or apologizing-for/aligning-with the nazified theocratic fascists of islam.

  • Dagnabbit_42

    This is news to…whom?

    Glenn Reynolds, to name just one, has been talking about this since, what, the mid-2000s?

    What’s really lovely about anti-Semitism is that, somehow, the anti-Semites don’t seem to be able to prevent themselves from outing themselves. Then, we can see who they all are, avoid breeding with them, and launch cruise missiles from a distance if necessary.

  • LeftyFeep

    The right wing will join in. No Jew is safe in Europe.

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