Illinois Wins Gold in Can-Kicking Competition
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  • Anthony

    Above is real consequence of cronyism, machine politics, corruption, and 30 plus years of “combine” politics in state. Also, see:

  • Jane the Actuary

    According to Illinois’ legislators, this isn’t a “crisis” so can-kicking is perfectly fine. They’ve pretty much said that unless bankruptcy is staring them in the face, they won’t act.

    Quite some time ago, I wrote up my own pet solution —
    — and then tried to “follow the rules” of writing my legislator, writing a letter-to-the-editor, etc. No interest. But gay marriage? That’s urgent and pressing.

    • Kevin

      My guess is fixing the pension problem would hurt the legislators running for reelection in 2014. I don’t expect to see any meaningful reform before then. After that they will reassess whether kicking the can past 2016 will work.

      The voters of IL have shown no serious desire to punish legislators for failing to address this issue while the public sector unions can be expected to crucify them if they do, why should they act?

      When the voters change their behavior the politicians will quickly change theirs.

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