Heavy Fighting Erupts in Tripoli as Libya Slips Back Toward Civil War
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  • SlienceOfSound

    WRM calls the Obama administration’s decision to destroy Qadaffi’s regime “rash.” In his 10/20/2011 blog entry titled “Farewell to the Great Loon,” there was no sense that he felt this was a particularly rash action.

    • Laurence Levin

      Actually Adam Garfinkle called it a catastrophe right from the beginning. I was hoping he will write something new.soon about negotiations with Iran.

      • SlienceOfSound

        Thanks for the reference. Mr. Garfinkle was prescient. WRM, perhaps less so.

        • Kevin

          Well now that the left and right have each had their Arabian adventure maybe we will avoid a third one.

  • qet

    Let’s see: Bush Admin removes Iraq despot; civil war ensues; Left declares action to have been not only foolhardy but criminally negligent. Obama Admin assists Libyan rebels in removal of their own despot; civil war ensues; Left silent; Via Meadia suggests said assistance was foolhardy. Obama Admin assists (in some way) Egyptian rebels in removal of their despot, and assists Muslim Brotherhood to assume power “democratically”; Via Meadia suggests this is not a sound move; Egyptian military removes Muslim Bhood; Obama Admin does nothing to prevent; is castigated by both sides and by Via Meadia. Obama Admin sits on sidelines and does nothing to assist Syrian rebels to remove their own despot, nor to maintain despot in power; Via Meadia suggests this is foolhardy. Saudi Arabia and Israel get pissed that US is not supporting Syrian rebels and Egyptian military.
    I see a pattern here.

    • Honk

      Bush cleaned up his mess. Obama is letting his rot, and doing all he can to undo Bush’s cleaning up.

  • Anthony

    For this, we moved on Qaddafi.

  • jeburke

    I also want to know where the Brits and the French are on this descent of Libya into a failed state. It was they who agitated for international intervention, US participation and a UN resolution authorizing a “no fly zone.” And what about the seven Arab states which backed them?

    It just goes to show you — as if proof were needed — that other “great powers” and wannabes are perfectly happy to allow the US to take the lead when it suits them and then disappear, leaving the US holding the bag when that suits them.

  • Bruce

    There are never any good choices. It’s always the least bad option in these places. The fact that our president seems to have chosen poorly, does not diminish the fact that very little that is good happens in these places, regardless of who is the dictator at the time. Given that half the population hates us when we are active in these places and half hates us when we are inactive, it’s hard to see the benefit of imposing ourselves.

  • lukelea

    You’d have thunk that after Iraq we would have known.

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