Ignoring Criticisms, India Shoots for Mars
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  • jeburke

    I agree with the critics. India’s aspirations for influence and standing in the world and the region will be fulfilled handily if and when its economic growth kicks off, its people become reasonably affluent, and its GDP rises to world-class levels. One-shot prestige projects will help not at all.

  • Pete

    This space shot is done merely to stroke the ego on the Indian ruling class, and since when did that class ever give a damn about the average Indian?

  • Tim Godfrey

    $72 million is amazingly cheap for a space shot. If those numbers are correct and it works it would be huge advance for the world.

    The ‘we can’t look to space til we solve our problems at home argument’ is used the US too. It would have merit if the $72 million was not trivial compared to the 1.8 trillion Indian GDP.

    • That is my immediate impression. Maybe we should just contract NASA to Bangalor. Peggy? Come in, Peggy. For the naysayers, astronomy is the basis for nearly all science. Astronomy brought us chemistry, advanced particle physics, nuclear power etc and it will bring whatever the next big advance is. Hooray for India. Two snaps up, in a circle.

      • And why are we just hearing about this on launch day? At least I am.

  • piyu2cool

    Nothing but veiled racism at display here. How dare Brown people go to space when we are cutting our spending on shuttles. Solve your potty problems first. Become a poverty superpower. How dare you innovate and aim for the sky? Its White mans world. ….

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