Not Enough Taxes in the World to Save Providence
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    All we are seeing at the moment is the worst of the worst Blue Model cities and states, as time passes more and more of the these Leftist controlled enclaves will show us their ugly faces.

  • Bruce

    “Raising taxes in to the stratosphere” to fund the pensions and social programs is not really an option because at some point this strategy raises less revenue as taxpayers bail and move elsewhere. VM knows this and should have stated this better. That’s exactly what happened in Detroit. These blue models certainly generate consistent results. One wonders how the advocates fail to see this (unless they don’t fail to see it and have other motives).

  • Anthony

    A commonality to your continued theme is structural problems and hesitancy in confronting them forthrightly (embedded interests). So WRM until issues like fiscal crises, corruption, poor business climate, etc. are honestly dealt with (and dealing with them are not easy), Quick Takes as above will remain part of Via Meadia’s contribution.

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