Benghazi Returns
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  • Bruce

    If the Republicans play hardball politics, they can beat Clinton in 2016 if she is the nominee. All they have to do is play the “At this point, what difference does it make?” video over and over and over in commercials. There is no hiding from that and it’s electoral death. She can’t recover from gaffes the way her husband can and this was a horrible gaffe (that I’m glad she made). She doesn’t have the personal presence to be able to pull it off.

  • Kavanna

    They just need to hammer home the truth about both Hillary and the administration she served in. They can’t “spin” it, assuming that the media will provide the bare facts. The media will do whatever it can to hide the bare facts.

    • Bruce

      But political ads can overcome the media advocacy for Dems. We can’t count on an unbiased media because we don’t have one.

  • charlesrwilliams

    There is Benghazi and then there is also Hilary Clinton’s sleazy activities in Arkansas and in Bill’s White House. She has never given an accounting of this stuff, starting with her stellar career as a speculator in cattle futures. The truth is that HRC is a lightweight and a mediocrity who road her husband’s coattails to fame.

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