Middle Class Home Buyers: The Midwest Is Your Friend
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  • Jane the Actuary

    Funny, my husband was telling me yesterday about a very high-earning colleague of his out in San Francisco who was thinking of relocating because he was sick of, even at his income, only being able to afford a condo. And it’s my understanding that this is due to land use regulations. Unlike Manhattan’s very dense high-rises, San Francisco is still dominated by single family/townhouses; if a developer could replace some of these with mid- and high-rise buildings, the affordability issue could be remedied without government subsidies.

  • Pait

    Yeah, yeah. New York, Massachusetts, and California are so crowded, no one lives there anymore. A more objective analysis would be that many more thousands are clamoring for the regulations and taxes in blue states then for those miraculous red state policymakers.

  • wigwag

    “Demand of course is a factor in prices: many more thousands of people around the world are clamoring to buy homes in New York and the Bay Area than in Akron or Toledo.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    Ya think?

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