IMF: BRICS Are Toast, Europe Could Face Lost Decade
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  • Anthony

    “…the US and UK will still lead the rest of the lagging world economy.” An observation WRM: institutions facilitate prosperity/economic innovation and growth; that United States and Britian have long history of inclusive institutions may suggest such structures at critical junctures (global economy sluggish recovery) better than BRICs at adjusting.

  • Corlyss

    What face? They’ve been lost since the 90s. Their foolish immigration policies combined with their equally foolish labor policies and their hostility to startups and their populist envy of the rich and their shamefully generous welfare states have produced a world of equality in more or less stagnation and genteel state controlled poverty.

  • This always fascinates. These leaders – and Obama – all know what works: Capitalist growth policies. And they all implement taxpayer laundering to favored constituencies – crony socialism. Then when their economy tanks, which it most assuredly will do – they are surprised. Why did America become so wealthy? Capitalism. Why has its growth slowed to a stop? Socialism. ALL these leaders need to do is to junk socialism and implement capitalism.

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