Labour’s Energy Policy Pander
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  • Kevin

    It’s a disgrace to the British political establishment (Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem) that the excess death rate due to cold and the inability to afford heating to offset it runs to five figures every year. (It’s not that many peope freeze to death but rather that elderly or sick who are chronically cold are more likely to succumb to a variety of illnesses.) There are few thing Britain could do that would save more lives than figuring out how to reduce their absurd energy prices

  • Corlyss

    “It’s one of the more obvious cases of a political party going for the grand pander rather than opting for a serious, well-thought out policy.”

    Ranks right up there with Obama’s economic, energy, health care, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria panders.

  • BrianFrankie

    >> Labour insisted energy companies could easily absorb the freeze while continuing to invest if they took lower profits or paid out smaller dividends. <<

    My word, doesn't this just reveal incredible ignorance on the part of the Labour Party? Do they not understand that profits are the money that industry uses to invest in growth Projects? If you take away the profits, then you have taken away the ability to invest. Labour seems to exist under the impression that somewhere there is a big unutilised pot of money – perhaps in a giant swimming pool somewhere where fat top-hatted capitalists lounge around.

    Sometimes I really wonder about the astounding ignorance of those we have chosen to lead us…

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