Poland Will Pay Anything to Rid Itself of Gazprom
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  • Pete

    It seems that the only one Putin can bamboozle is the clown we have in the White House.

    • bpuharic

      He bamboozled him so much we’re putting


      troops on the ground. Don’t conservatives wish they could, with all their perfect right wing wisdom, say the same about their record in Iraq,

  • NCMountainGirl

    Natural resources, especially energy, were the positive factors in the Russian economy. Putin has negated that because none of his customers now trust Russian suppliers to be able to deliver as promised.

  • rheddles

    “The US would be throwing its allies in Europe and Asia a very large bone if it hurried up the LNG export terminal permitting process.”

    Or if it approved the XL pipeline. Yet Obama, not the US, refuses to do so. There is a disturbing consistency here. Why not do what is so clearly in the interest of the country and its traditional allies?

  • Boritz

    This Polish Model is an interesting one. Imagine if your state could pay a premium to get Washington to disappear from important aspects of life. The current model is to pay more and more to be controlled more and more. The Poles have it right.

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